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The Ways Art Makes Me Feel


Art can be a soft feeling that invokes me and makes me feel serene. Art can be an ever striking lash to my face. Art can make me laugh so hard I clutch my sides. Art can make me want to go in a corner and just think or cry. Make me want to be alone so I can feel things on my own. Art can also make me want to go out be so social I flutter away, I’m high on everybody’s attention on me. I shy away because on the inside I’m just a weathered soul who wants nothing more than just to feel. Living on the edge is not my lifestyle. But staying in my comfort zone is not the way I want to keep on living. I want to do those things that make life worthwhile. My circle of comfort needs to be stepped out of. It needs to be broken and I can be set free. Set free to do what I really want to do. Create. I want to be somebody that creates things that makes other people feel whatever their heart allows them to. Create that little thing called art. Not everything is art. But anything can be art.



Books v.s. their Movie Adaptations


Most movies nowadays are adaptations of popular novels that would have all the great movie making components. I think there’s somebody who actually reads books and decides if they could be made into a great Hollywood movie. That job, definitely could go into my list of jobs a hypothetical jobs I would love to have in my hypothetical life. How great would it be to read books for a living and to analyze it and say oh yes, this will make a great or horrible movie. Novels occasionally range from various total number of pages. They always have so much content, content that could not be all relied in a movie. Movies are different. They show the viewers the story instead of telling it and usually do not exceed 2 hours and 30 minutes. Then how can a 500-700 page book be squeezed into that time frame? The answer is it really can’t.

People always compare the books and their movie adaptions. Extreme fans of such books would scream at the thought of changing a scene or not putting in a specific one at all. The actors are scrutinized by fans who clearly have perfect visions of what characters should look like. For these kinds of movies, critical reception is on the bridge as the opinions of those fans of the books heavily matter. The thing is, they already have expectations of what they are about to embark at the theaters.

What I really want to convey is that people should stop comparing. Books are movies are entirely different forms of art. Yes, the movie adaptation is based on the book. But, that is where people should think. The movies are based on the books. Nowhere does it say this movie will be exactly look the book and will contain every single moment in the book perfectly to your expectations. That would be impossible. Or it could be possible but it wouldn’t make a very good movie. Movies are here to entertain. That is why they are not 5 hours long. Who would stay entertained that long? So yes, some parts of the book will be left out. Some parts of the books would be condensed and some could be changed. People should stop saying the line “the books are way better than the movies”. Yes, the books are better than the movie in certain aspects. There is more depth of the characters and their emotions and thoughts. There is more depth of what is happening in the events. It is because books are in writing. It is so much easier to be able to write a whole page on what a character is feeling. Books don’t have caps on how long they could be. If authors wanted to, they could write, write, write. However, movies can be better than books in certain aspects as well. You get to see what the characters look like, you get to soak up the settings and see the story come to life in visual format. Books and movies are two entirely different things. People shouldn’t be looking at them the same way. Although, there is nothing wrong saying “I wish this scene was included in the movie” or “I wish the casting for this certain character was different”. But things get awry when they say one is better.

Some famous movies based on books are notably: Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Hunger Games, and seriously all of Nicholas Spark’s romantic novels.The most recent movie is the teen romantic thriller, Divergent. I have read the book and also seen the movie afterwards. I enjoyed the book and also have enjoyed the movie. But, I do not think one is better than the other. The book did a better job of explaining the character’s personalities and relationships more. The movie did a better job for conveying certain scenes for me, especially the one with the main character, Tris, zip-lining hundreds of feet above. Several scenes were changed and I really did not mind. The producers felt that one of the antagonists should make more appearances in the movie than in the book. I felt that it did work out towards the plot in the movie. When scenes are changed that have no impact to the plot, that is when the movie starts making less sense.

zip lining 2

So people should stop comparing books and movies like they are the same. They are clearly not. On a more amusing note, let’s see if movies and book adaptations will ever spout. Now, what would people say to that?