The Great Debate: Logic Vs. Emotion, Which Is The Better Quality?

Which is a more important quality to have? Which is stronger than the other? Which is a better quality to have in society’s eyes? These questions run through my mind whenever I think about logic and emotion. Every individual has different levels of both. Is it better to have stronger logic? Well, what comes with better logic? Definitely levelheadedness. Usually people who are logical are smarter and better at problem solving. And usually people who are smarter are able to think their way into life regardless of their socioeconomic class. Smart is smart. The bad sides of emotions are that they cloud judgment. Road rage and manslaughter is a good example of how emotion can negatively affect logic. If people stop their heated anger and logically think about their situation, there would not be certain crime in this country. Emotions such as feeling empathic can make you a better person. Such emotions can compel people do help out the less fortunate or even just a coworker who is going through tough times.

When you breathe your last breath, what are you going to be thinking? Remembering? It’s certainly not how smart and logical you are. Sure, good logic might have gotten you places. But, you are going to be thinking about the people you love, your family. Your spouse and kids. Your parents. Your friends. The love and passion you feel for those people. How well your life was spent. You flash back to the most emotional moments.  It might be your first child being born, or your parents passing, or anything in between. Logic doesn’t matter in the long term of your life. Yes, it does matter in how you get to places. You use logic to get that promotion at work. You use logic to get that great deal on a new car. Logic in the short term helps you along the way for an easier life. But an easier life doesn’t mean a more fulfilled life.

It is always good to have a balance of everything. But, that’s not the case in life matters. Nothing is ever truly evened out. I think it works better for some people to have one more than the other. Some people are more logical in nature. Some people are more emotional like I am. I am biologically more emotional than a man. This is how society involved into the notion that men should be at work earning money while women stay home and look after the children. The men earned money. Money is valued greatly. Men are more logical than emotional and they have been associated with money, the big value in society. With more money, you afford nicer things. You are higher up in the social system. You are deemed successful. That is how logic has come to be better than emotions in a society’s viewpoint.  Although this has greatly evolved, some values still stay with us. The debate between logic and emotion will never reach a verdict as it is so abstract and subjective.  As a human quality, I think emotions are the better one to have. Without emotions, how can we empathize and be able to good things? Without emotions,life would be missing out on the truly important things. But to get ahead in life and be deemed as successful, logic comes in better play. What do you value more?


How To Organize On A Budget

One of the many excuses people give when they don’t want to organize their space is that organizing is expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, the container store is an awesome place to look around at. But, it’s so overpriced I probably wouldn’t even shop there if I was rich. There’s a fine line between value and cost. That’s why I love the dollar tree. They have awesome finds for just a dollar! When I first began my organizing journey, I had a very small budget. I was able to organize my whole storage closet for under $20 by buying bins from the dollar tree and re-purposing old boxes and baskets. Your closet doesn’t have to look Pinterest perfect. What matters most is functionality and how well the system works for you. I have had this system in place in my closet for about 2 years now and it works great! I’ve tweaked it a few times to fit my daily life and it has been working great ever since. I’m never been more happy about a space and I think it’s because of the budget friendly side of it. Who says organizing has to be expensive?


Coming up: A debate on Logic and Emotion. Which is better than the other?

My Very First Youtube Video

I’ve just uploaded my first video on YouTube! Aside from blogging, my other passions are making videos and sharing it with the world. I love organizing, cleaning, decorating, crafting, and anything related. I hope to be putting out more videos soon and I would love for you to watch this one. It is a tour of my room. I love decorating and my style is very simple but comfortable for the bedroom. My living room is a lot more decorated, video coming soon 😉 Original blog posts still on your merry way.

What It Feels Like To Be Dating A Narcissist

You never have to build up their ego. They already have the biggest one you’ve seen. They spend a long time in the bathroom. Mostly spent by looking at themselves in the mirror. They think they’re always right and will try to outsmart you in any argument. They never try too hard. They don’t have to. They’re already amazing! Which in the case of my boyfriend, he is pretty amazing. And he knows it, too. He has the biggest sense of importance of himself. Everyone should know who he is; everyone should pay attention to his mere presence. His head is so inflated, I wonder how it hasn’t popped yet. Granted he should rightfully so be proud of the many things he is proud of. He is proud of being the smartest person on earth. “No, the universe” he always corrects me. Apparently, it has to be known he is smarter than aliens, too. When I first met my boyfriend, he was so intuitive he guessed everything about my whole life story in one day. He reminded me of Sherlock.

We both have different ways in which we receive complements. I’m a total opposite of a narcissist. I have the lowest self-esteem ever. When anybody tells me that I am dressed nicely or my hair came out pretty, I shy away and can’t even accept it. When I tell my boyfriend that his hazel eyes are stunning or that his arms are oh so muscular or that he looks positively cute one day, he responds with “I know right!” He’s also not joking about this. Many people joke about carrying a big ego. He doesn’t because he feels completely shameless in doing so. Granted, he is so handsome I don’t know if he has any other way of reacting to his attractiveness.

It’s pretty remarkable actually how he loves me so much. It’s easy for me to love people. I always care more for everybody else and sometimes I put me aside. Which is bad, I know. But a narcissist? They lack empathy for others. They care most about themselves and everybody comes second or maybe the number two is too close to the number one. My boyfriend is at number one and everybody cuts it at number 100 probably. Or number 1000. But as far as I know, I’m not at number 100 or 1000. I’m not even a number. I’m the biggest priority in his life. In the beginning of our relationship, it was hard. I realized it might not be possible for him to love at all. I became anxious that I was putting in time to a pointless relationship. Without love, how can it be prosperous in the future? As the months went on, he started changing. He grew sweeter and more caring. He began to love somebody that wasn’t himself or his family members. He started doing nice things for me such as opening the door and being patient when I started talking about the problems in my life.  It’s baffling that a narcissist, someone so about themselves, puts me on a pinnacle. It makes me wonder if he’s actually a narcissist at all.