What Color IS the Dress? Really.


I saw the dress as white and gold. The true colors are black and blue and I do not see those colors at all. Some people saw the dress in the true colors, went back to the original picture shot that was on a camera phone and they could only see black and blue from that point. I still see white and gold which was in the bigger percentile. So obviously, I researched this to see if I am going crazy or not. When I’m still a crazy person nonetheless. The brain is interpreting the picture as underexposed meaning there is not much light in the picture, making the dress look lighter in comparison. Our eyes have cones and rods. Rods help us see at night but since the picture is underexposed, we are perceiving the photo as dark making our rods more sensitive.  Either way, I see white and gold and that should be replaced the hook in the song “Black and  Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa. I see white and gold, white and gold, white and gold, white and gold. Science is strange, indeed!


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