Life on the Other Side: Dealing with Stress

Stress is something everybody deals with on a continual basis. I get stressed out about every single thing imaginable.

-The over amounting work I have to complete.

-Dealing with people. Not just difficult, just people in general.

-When things don’t go my way….

The number one reason stress preludes my day. I woke up completely wrong. Hated the blazing sun on my eyes. Yes, spring is more like summer where I reside. Which is another funny story actually, as I was getting emotional the night before about missing the drafty and freezing winters. Winter, I wait again for you to wrap me around that shawl of cold, cold embrace. Yes, dramatization is the key to emotional confessions. I started getting ready for my day, but my eyes resorted to being puffy and watery.  Broken appearance has a great deal of an effect on women and needless to say, to that point I was stressed out. Stress can be described like today’s economy, as a spiraling cycle. When it begins to be bad, there seems to be no way to stop it or to get out of it. On a whim, I looked up on the internet, “stress”. Maybe there could be some profound psychologist who has composed magic steps to release me from this. So, I found a video from Ted Talks, a speaker named Kelly McGonigal who has realized the proper way to deal with stress.

From this, I learned there is life on the other side, the right way to live with stress.

It is the common conception that stress is seen as something negative. Atrocious. Bad. Dreadful. All in all, Crappy. It is not good to have stress; it is one of the leading causes for the number of deaths. Seriously. However, the turn around is not the fact that we have stress, it is the way we look at it.
Change the way we approach stress. Change the way we view stress. Stress is our body’s way of prepping us for whatever comes next. Our body’s way of pressuring us to the point and we then finally act. So, yes stress helps us in life! Take for example of the stress of public speaking. People can definitely be feeling the weight when they have to present themselves in front of others. That is when stress comes to play. It pushes us. It pushes people when they have fear. They act on their stress and come through with something they were dreading otherwise.

Stress prompts us to want more human interaction. Makes us social. This is quite astounding as I am as antisocial as it ever gets. Talking to people, helping out people actually lets us release some of the energy we have when we are stressed out. It makes sense, it feels good to physically interact with someone or help out others in need. It also lets people seek support of their troubles instead of bottling it all up. Human connection is a important factor in dealing with stress. Rethink your stress response. Think of stress as being helpful when you go into a situation next time and the results will be an insurmountable change. Think of stress as a rouse to go seek people and the connections to them.

View stress differently. Make a statement against stress that you can handle it. Make a statement that you are not alone when dealing with stress. Maybe you will see, life is really better on the other side.